Compact Magnetic Retrieval Kit: Orange Camo

Kit Includes:
• 50ft Paracord
• Neodymium Magnet
• Quick-Release Clip
• Paracord Strap
• Rip-Stop Nylon Bag


Booby Mags is a tool necessary for all tackle boxes, glove boxes, hiking backpacks, fanny packs, emergency kits and more.  You never know when you are going to need to retrieve, recover, tie-up, clip-on or hoist something.  Having a Booby Mag on you at all times will guarantee you are able to do this.

Don't let dropping your keys, knife or pliers in the water ruin your day.  Retrieve them!  Anything with iron is magnetic.  Whether you are trying to recover something or just treasure hunting, Booby Mags will put a smile on your face.